What Are Biodegradable Water Balloons?


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Biodegradable water balloons can refer to latex balloons or to a new product made from calcium chloride and brown algae designed to replace water bottles. The latex balloon was invented by Neil Tillotson, and the first balloon was in the shape of a cat's head.

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What Are Biodegradable Water Balloons?
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Latex balloons are made from 100 percent organic material and break down in water, sunlight, oxygen, ozone and when eaten by microorganisms. The rate of biodegradation of a latex balloon is similar to that of an oak leaf. The biodegradable water balloon blob, named Ooho, was created as an alternative to plastic. The water is held in two layers of membrane that can be eaten and is released the water when punctured. Ooho was showcased in 2014`s Milan design week.

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