How Do You Get a Bike in "FireRed"


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To get a bicycle in "Pokémon FireRed," a player can purchase one at the Cerulean City Bike Shop for 1 million credits. Alternatively, a player can receive a bike voucher after conversing with the chairman of the Pokémon fan club at the club house in Vermilion City. This voucher can be used at the Bike Shop to receive a free bike from the store.

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As of 2014, bicycles in Pokémon games allow players to move through the game map at faster speeds. Certain games in the series also have cycling roads that can only be traversed while on a bicycle. A player cannot ride a bike inside a building or when he is accompanied by an non-player character. In certain versions of the game, such as "Pokémon Yellow," accompanying Pokémon return inside their PokéBalls.

Aside from the bike shop, other things that can be found in Cerulean City include the local gym where a player can challenge its gym leader Misty for the Cascade badge. The bike shop can only be accessed in Cerulean City in the first-generation games and in remakes, such as "FireRed." In the Generation II Pokémon games, the shop has relocated to Goldenrod City and is closed.

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