What Are Some "Big Time Rush" Games?


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There are several "Big Time Rush" video games on the Nickelodeon website, including "Stage Rush," "Recycle Rush," "Big Time Beats" and "Big Time Rush Trivatorium." In the television show "Big Time Rush," members Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia and Logan Mitchell encounter the difficulties of being a pop sensation.

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In "Stage Rush," players must help the "Big Time Rush" boys sneak into their concert in Times Square. Players utilize the arrows keys to move different band members through crowds of fans while remaining unseen. Players pick up music notes and VIP tickets for points, and navigate around the cones of light emitted from each fan that indicate her line of sight. If a fan catches the player, then the player must surrender one VIP ticket to that fan. The player wins once all of the band members make it to the stage, while losing all of the VIP tickets or running out of time results in the end of the game.

In "Recycle Rush" players have to help the "Big Time Rush" members clean up the Palmwoods Hotel by dropping bags of garbage down different levels until it reaches the recycling bin. Players press the Spacebar key to drop the bag from one member of the band to another. The faster the player completes the task, the more points she earns. Moreover, the player can accumulate additional points by picking up any extra trash on each floor.

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