How Does "Big Brown Bear" Help Kids Learn to Type?

The "Big Brown Bear" typing game helps kids and adults learn to type by encouraging proper touch-typing skills through different typing exercises. The game features 14 different levels, each of which incorporates new keys to expand the player's familiarity with the position of each key on a keyboard.

At the start of the game, players only have access to the letters E, D, F, J and K, which require the left and right index finger and middle finger to correctly type. Each level consists of a series of letters from the available selection that the player must type in order to progress forward, with periodic use of the space bar on each level. Once the player types the first letter, a counter starts to determine her typing speed. The game also includes an accuracy counter, which tracks the number of failed attempts to type the next letter in the sequence. If the player's accuracy falls below 90 percent, she is unable to progress to the next level.

At any point during the level, the player is able to press the F1 key to bring up a visual guide that shows the correct finger to use for typing the next letter in the sequence. Over time the player grows more comfortable with using the correct finger to type automatically rather than having to look each time.