What Are Big Brainz Math Tools?


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Big Brainz math tools are a series of educational games that teach children various mathematical fields such as multiplication, addition and subtraction through an interactive experience. The games feature a high emphasis on gameplay and engagement while also incorporating tools to track player progress and explain the key concepts thoroughly.

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The primary focus of the Big Brainz math tools is to teach children struggling with math by utilizing the unique interactivity of video games. The company approaches each game from a traditional game development standpoint, meaning that it uses the best technology and tools available to create a fun and approachable video game that resembles those outside of the educational genre. This encourages the children to play and enjoy the games more naturally, which in turn allows for more acceptance of the educational concepts present within.

Additionally, the company incorporates various mechanics and systems for presenting the concepts within each game so that students receive clear instructions on each operation. The game also grades the student's understanding of the lesson through tracking the progress and skill within the game. At the end of each session, both the student and the teacher are able to see the overall progress of the lesson and identify any areas that require additional studying. In such cases, the children are able to continue playing the game to reinforce the topics.

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