What Are the Bidding Rules for Hoyle Euchre?


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Hoyle Euchre does not involve bidding; instead, two teams of two players each compete to take the majority of five tricks, scoring points based on their ability to do so. The team that declares trumps earns one point if it wins three or four of the five tricks, with a bonus point awarded for sweeping all five. If the other team wins more tricks than the declaring team, the first team is "euchred" and the other team scores two points.

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In general, a game of euchre lasts a maximum of four hands with the first team amassing five points declared the victor. The game uses a standard 52-card deck after removing everything below the nine and the joker. The strongest card in the game is the jack of the trump suit, which takes any trick. The second strongest is the other jack of the same color as the trump suit, followed by the rest of the cards in the trump suit in traditional order, beginning with the ace. The highest non-trump card wins only if no trump is played in a trick.

Declaring a suit trump with a weak hand virtually guarantees that the other team can collect two points through an euchre. On average, a player's partner takes one trick, so a hand with a good shot to win two or more should declare a trump suit. Otherwise, declining to name trump is the best option. Players should play aggressively, taking any trick possible throughout the game. It is also helpful to remember which cards have already been played and the seating order.

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