How Do You Bid on a Moorcroft Auction?

How Do You Bid on a Moorcroft Auction?

To bid on a Moorcroft auction, visit the Moorcroft auction page at, and create a bidding account. Return to the auction page. Scroll down to see the items that are available in the auction, and click on the one on which you want to bid. Follow the website's prompts to complete the bid.

The Moorcroft auction website requires each bidder to register. If you have bid in a past Moorcroft auction or joined the Moorcroft Collectors' Club online, there is no need to register again. Simply use your existing username and password to log in to the auction.

The registration form requires basic personal information, including your name, mailing address and telephone number. Enter your email address in the provided field, and type it again for verification. Create a username for the Moorcroft auction. Select a password, and type it in the verification box. If the passwords do not match, the website cannot accept your registration.

After a successful registration, the Moorcroft website automatically sends an email with instructions about how to log in.

The Moorcroft website only displays auction items when they are available for bidding. If the auction page is blank, there are no current items up for auction.