How Do You Bid at AuctionZip in Pennsylvania?


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To bid on a live auction in Pennsylvania through the AuctionZip site, you need to have an authorized account and use the bidding console to enter your bid into the auction, as of 2015. It is also possible to place an absentee bid on certain auctions, depending on the situation.

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AuctionZip connects auctioneers and bidders across the country, allowing users to buy and sell a wide selection of items ranging from vehicles and equipment to collectibles and antiques. While the site includes a wealth of information about the lots and locations of physical auctions, it also includes features that support online auctions. Unlike other auction sites that allow a user to place a single item up for bid and accept bids on the item from the moment she creates the listing, AuctionZip functions in a fashion similar to a traditional auction.

When an auctioneer creates an auction, she includes all of the items that she wishes to sell and sets a specific start and end time. Once the auction opens, users are able to use the site's bidding console to place a direct bid on the item in real time. The site includes a specific search option that allows users to locate live auctions taking place within the state of Pennsylvania.

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