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Beybalde Battles, officially known as “Beyblade Metal Masters: Epic Battles,” is an online Flash game that allows players to take on the World Beyblade Battle Association All-Stars in tournament battles. Players have no control over the Beyblade, but they can use a computer mouse to select special powers on the left side of the game window.

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At the start of the game, players must enter a nickname for the in-game character. The nickname is limited to four letters in length. Next, the game prompts players to pick a difficulty setting. While this doesn't change the aggressiveness of the computer-controlled character, it affects how many battles the players have to win to become the tournament victor. On the easiest setting, players only have to win three battles. On the hardest setting, they have to win seven.

Once a difficulty level is set, players have the chance to pick a Beyblade. They can choose between four heroes of the Gangan Galaxy team. Each character has its own stats, which are broken up into attack, defense, stamina and balance.

After the battle starts, players have to judge when the best time is to use special attacks. Since they can't control the movement of the Beyblade, they must predict the movement and time the specials. Once they use a special, they must wait a certain amount of time before using another.

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