What Are Beswick Pottery Marks?

The Beswick pottery mark is a simple "John Beswick," "John Beswick, London" or "Beswick" print located on the bottom of a plate, cup or figurine. The mark is done in basic script writing and is most often black.

The Beswick Pottery Company was started around 1890 as a part of the Gold Street Works in Longton by John Wright Beswick. Beswick was succeeded by his sons, John and Gilbert Beswick. When the elder son, John, passed away in 1934, the pottery was run by executors of the estate until 1938, when the Beswick company was rechristened as John Beswick Ltd. The company was then run by John Ewart Beswick and his two sisters.

The company expanded and purchased neighboring production properties H. M. Williamson and Sons and the Thomas Lawrence factory. Beswick became a publicly traded company in 1957. When John E. Beswick retired in 1969, he had no heirs, so the company was purchased by Doulton & Co. Ltd. When Doulton took over the Beswick brand, pottery figurines were put into limited production with the Beswick pottery mark on them. The Gold Street Works manufacturing space was sold in 2002, and Beswick was sold to John Sinclair in 2005. Production of Beswick pottery was then moved to Malaysia.