What Are Some Benefits of the Reflex Math Program?


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Benefits of the Reflex Math program include that it adapts to individuals, the system rewards students, and it teaches math-fact fluency. The Reflex Math program also helps to increase scores on standardized tests and helps students learn faster than average.

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Reflex Math monitors each student’s progress to tailor a learning experience that is different for each child. The program teaches children that if they are willing to work at it, they can obtain math fluency; the harder they work, the more they learn. Reflex Math is also available anywhere there is an Internet connection available, so students can work on the program at school or at home. High schools conducting case studies note that there is around a 50-percent increase in math fluency in students after using the program compared to their math fluency before using the program.

Elementary schools have done case studies proving that minimal use of the program achieved significant improvements on standardized tests, and that the growth in math fluency a child normally achieves in over a year, a child using Reflex Math can achieve in under four months. Another case study shows that after one year of using Reflex Math, 11 percent more students passed the Virginia Standard of Learning test than students in the control group who did not use Reflex Math.

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