What Are Some Benefits of First-Person View Videos?

Videos with a first-person perspective make information more accessible for online idea exchange and allow multiple people to share in the experience. First-person view videos in gaming provide the benefits of improved vision, information retention and multi-tasking skills, and players who enjoy first-person shooter video games also recognize patterns better than non-gamers. First-person video games may also help develop more adaptive ways of thinking and reacting to auditory and visual stimuli.

The degree of spatial skills acquired from first-person video games is similar to the level learned in courses designed to develop those skills. In 2013, scientists studying the effects of first-person videos on the brain speculated that the minds of gamers who regularly watch first-person videos are more flexible about receiving and acting on new information. The effects are not linked to social games. The American Psychological Association maintains that video games also provide players with cognitive, social, motivational and emotional benefits. People who play video games also demonstrate greater levels of creativity.

However, excessive viewing of videos and games can also develop negative effects, such as the loss of other cranial functions as well as impaired health from extensive sitting. Experts recommend moderate participation to maximize the benefits of first-person video gaming.