What Benefits Come With a Paid Animal Jam Account?

What Benefits Come With a Paid Animal Jam Account?

Benefits that come with a paid "Animal Jam" account include a weekly diamond membership gift, access to all animals in Jamaa, all accessories and dens, and the ability to adopt and customize all virtual pets. It also provides access to members-only parties and adventures.

Membership duration options are one month, six months or 12 months. The price per month is lower when a longer membership is purchased. Each membership includes an instant gem bonus, while the six- and 12-month memberships also include a diamond bonus upon registration. A membership is applied to either a player account or a parent account. If it's applied to a parent account, the parent chooses which player account receives the membership.

A portion of every "Animal Jam" membership fee goes to the Big Cats Initiative. Designed to fight the decline of the big cat population, the initiative focuses on conservation efforts, education programs and public awareness campaigns.

Features of "Animal Jam" available to both members and non-members include the ability to make friends on the game and to earn gems through playing games.

In "Animal Jam," a player customizes his animal and den. He can chat with other players and go on adventures. The game also offers educational components, such as fun facts and information from animal scientists.