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Big Brainz's signature game, "Timez Attack," claims to help students achieve fluency in basic multiplication facts much faster than through traditional classroom instruction or study methods, as of 2016. The game is designed to be compelling, inspiring children to want to learn in order to complete it. The company offers similarly effective games for addition, subtraction and division.

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Ninety percent of children are not fluent in addition and subtraction by second grade, in multiplication tables by third grade or in multi-digit multiplication by fourth grade, despite Common Core State Standards requiring all of these benchmarks to be reached. More advanced concepts are impossible to learn when the student is trying to remember basic multiplication facts. Ninety-five percent of "Timez Attack" players master their multiplication tables within 10 hours, allowing the teacher to move on to more advanced topics or spend additional time with slower learners.

Big Brainz tested 35,000 students on basic multiplication facts and then retested them after completing "Timez Attack" to certify the efficacy of its core product. The bottom quartile of the sample averaged only 25 percent mastery on the initial examination, but shot up to 94 percent after finishing the program. An additional 465,000 students took the pre-test but did not have enough time to finish the game before the second test was administered. Nevertheless, they still performed significantly better after exposure to "Timez Attack." The results are consistent across grade levels.

Big Brainz games are available for home use outside of the classroom, allowing slower learners to put in the necessary time to achieve mastery.

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