How Do Beginners Sew Using Patterns?

How Do Beginners Sew Using Patterns?

To sew with a pattern as a beginner, choose a simple pattern. Cut out the pieces, cut the fabric and follow the pattern instructions carefully.

  1. Choose a simple pattern

    Choose a pattern with simple pieces and straight seams; pillows and bags are good options. Read the instructions on the back of the pattern envelope, and buy the required fabric and notions for the chosen project.

  2. Cut the pattern pieces

    Read the directions that come with the pattern. Identify the pattern pieces that you need, and choose a size. Cut out each piece carefully. Cut out any notches in the edge of the pattern pieces marked by small triangles. Pin the pieces to the folded fabric, following the layout on the instructions sheet. Set the pieces aside, leaving the paper pinned to the fabric.

  3. Prepare your sewing area

    Set up your sewing machine. Thread it with a thread that matches your fabric. Ensure that the bobbin is full. Lay the pattern instructions next to your machine, and put any required supplies nearby.

  4. Follow the pattern instructions

    Find the section of the pattern instructions that applies to the correct project view. Read the first step carefully. Sew the fabric pieces together, following the specific order and construction methods in the instructions. Refer to the illustrations as you go. Continue sewing until you complete the project.