What Are Beginner Crochet Patterns?


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Some beginner crochet patterns include the baby blanket pattern, granny square pattern, scarf pattern, Afghan stitch pattern, faux knit dishcloth pattern and the snowflake-shaped trivet pattern. These patterns are ideal first, second or third crochet projects.

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The baby blanket pattern is one of the easiest crochet patterns for beginners, because it involves single and chain crochet stitches only. This type of pattern can be used readily to create lapghans or baby blankets. The granny square pattern can be made with a single color, so cutting the yarn or joining yarns together is not necessary. Those who want their finished granny square pattern to be multicolored can still do the slightly more demanding task of changing yarn colors before stitching.

The scarf pattern is also an easy project for beginners because it uses the most basic chain and single crochet stitches. An afghan pattern makes use of the afghan stitch, which is one of the easiest among all Tunisian crochet stitches. Afghan patterns are often used to create potholders.

The dishcloth pattern is not a typical pattern for beginners because it employs a Tunisian crochet, specifically the Tunisian knit stitch. The edge of the dishcloth, however, is usually finished with a basic single crochet. The snowflake-shaped trivet pattern is done by crocheting circles and stitching them together to form a snowflake-shaped trivet.

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