How Do You Become Superman on "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas"?

To become Superman in "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," download a Superman mod from the Internet, and apply it to your game. This only works on the PC version of the game.

  1. Find the mod

    Open your browser, and go to the website: The GTA Place. Click on the downloads link in the top-right corner of the page. In the center of the screen is a search box that says "Find Mods." Click in the box, and type "Superman." Click Find.

  2. Download the mod

    Look for the mod titled Superman SA Beta 1.0 in the list of search results. Click on it. This brings up a page with the mod details. On the bottom-right side of the details screen is a blue box with white font that says "download." Click that button, and wait for the file to download to your PC.

  3. Download IMG Tool

    IMG Tool is a program that allows you to manage the game's image archives and is required for the Superman mod. It is available for download online on many Grand Theft Auto modding forums.

  4. Apply the mod

    Extract the .zip file to your Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas directory. Open the file titled "Superman SA Installation.txt," and follow the installation instructions.