How Do You Become a Slot Machine Repair Tech?

Become a slot machine repair tech by obtaining the necessary education, obtaining a gaming license and undergoing a background check. The exact details vary depending on where employment is sought, so checking with the employer to see what the requirements are is the best option.

  1. Obtain the necessary education

    Attend classes for an associate degree in electronics if one is required by the employer. Otherwise take slot repair tech classes in circuit testing, slot machine electronics and electronic measurements. Candidates must also learn how to read schematics and wiring diagrams. Additionally, you will need to learn the various types of slot machine software, how they operate and how to fix them when they malfunction.

  2. Obtain a gaming license

    Locate the gaming commission in your state, and go through the process of applying for your gaming license. Each employee of a casino must have this license. Comply with the rules and regulations of filling out the paperwork and answering all the questions the commission has for you.

  3. Submit information for a background check

    Give the gaming commission all of the information and documentation they need to perform a comprehensive background check to determine if you have a criminal history. Once the license is obtained and after this background check, the employment application process can proceed.