How Do You Beat TF2 Bots?


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Bots in “Team Fortress 2” are defeated the same way as defeating a character that is being controlled by a human player. The only difference is that bots are being controlled by the computer. This sometimes causes the bots to move in unpredictable ways, which requires some players to change their strategies.

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To add bots into a “Team Fortress 2” game, players have to type in “tf_bot_add” into their console command. This command randomly drops one bot onto a random team. However, this command only works if there is a free player slot in the room. Players can add more than one bot at a time by adding a number onto the end of the command. For example, typing in command, “tf_bot_add 10,” adds 10 random bots into the game. All of the bots are automatically assigned to a team.

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