How Do You Beat the "Test Your Strength" Game in Neopets?

It is only possible to "beat" the "Test Your Strength" game in Neopets by chance, because scoring is entirely random and has nothing to do with the strength of one's pet. Consequently, it is also not possible to use this game to actually test the strength of a pet, despite the game's description reading: "Swing the mallet and see how strong you really are!"

The jackpot, which was originally not possible to win, may reach a maximum of one million Neopoints. However, it is very rare to win the jackpot. Most players will not even make back the initial payment of 100 Neopoints, although potential rewards (aside from the jackpot) range between one and 300 Neopoints. The game can be played once in every six hours.

Given the game's location in the Deserted Fairground of the Haunted Woods, the other prizes generally tend to have a ghoulish theme. These are:

  • Baby Fireball Lamp
  • Bag of Halloween Sweets
  • Brainburger
  • Brown Evil Fuzzle
  • Crypt of Spaghetti
  • Droolik
  • Drugal
  • Gnar
  • Goople
  • Halloween Paint Brush
  • Intesteen
  • Jowlard
  • Knuckle Sandwich
  • Meepit Poster
  • Meowclops Pillow
  • Mound of Grulb
  • Mummified Negg
  • Red Slorg
  • Snorkle Snout
  • Test Your Strength Mug
  • Test Your Strength T-Shirt
  • Turnali
  • Weakling Badge
  • Zomutt

Of these, the most valuable are the Snorkle Snout, Halloween Paint Brush and Mummified Negg.

"Test Your Strength" is one of a number of rigged, unfair or simply misleading games in this part of the game. The "Bagatelle" board, for example, is slanted at an angle so that it is almost impossible to win the top prize.