How Do You Beat Stand Tall on "Super Mario 64 DS"?

Stand Tall on the Four Pillars is the fourth stage in Shifting Sand Land, which is the eighth level in "Super Mario 64 DS." The level is desert-themed, and can be found in the basement of the castle. You need to enter the land, touch the tops of all four pillars then enter the hole in the pyramid. Once inside, you need to beat the level boss by hitting each of the hands three times without being knocked out.

  1. Enter Shifting Sand Land

    Go to the basement of the castle. Find the wall that moves when Mario is next to it and jump through. Unlike most other levels, there is no painting to jump through.

  2. Go to the fourth star

    Begin Stand Tall on the Four Pillars.

  3. Touch the top of all four pillars

    The tops of the first three pillars can be accessed by running up the sides of them. The fourth requires you to go to the first level of the pyramid, then hit the red box to get the feather. Perform a triple jump by running and jumping three times consecutively. Fly to the top of the fourth pyramid.

  4. Climb the pyramid

    After touching all four pillar tops, a hole is revealed on top of the pyramid. Go to the entrance at the front. Turn right, and continue upward. Drop into the hole, and ride the elevator to the bottom.

  5. Access the final enemy

    Jump to the top of the nearby platform. Smash the brick and drop into the tunnel.

  6. Defeat the hands

    Hit each hand in its center eye three times to defeat it. Pay attention to the shadows to avoid attacks from above. When one hand attacks you, attack the other hand when it opens.

  7. Collect the power star

    You are awarded a power star after defeating both hands.