How Do I Beat the Mole in Moonlit Grotto on the Gameboy Advanced?

How Do I Beat the Mole in Moonlit Grotto on the Gameboy Advanced?

To beat the mole in Moonlit Grotto, use Link's shovel while Subterror burrows underground to dig it out of the sand. Dodge the drill on the enemy's nose while attacking it with Link's sword, repeating this process until it is defeated.

  1. Assign Link's sword and shovel before the fight

    Open the inventory panel using the Start button, highlight the sword and press the A or B button on the Game Boy Advance to assign the sword to that button. Do the same for the shovel, assigning the item to whichever button is not in use by the sword.

  2. Avoid Subterror's nose drill attacks

    Both above and below ground, Subterror uses the drill on its nose to damage Link. Stay away from Subterror's front when possible while it is above ground to avoid taking damage.

  3. Use the shovel to dig Subterror out of its burrow

    Subterror cannot be harmed while traveling beneath the sand. When it burrows, approach the shifting mound of sand, and use the shovel to dig the mini-boss out from underground.

  4. Use Link's sword to damage Subterror

    While Subterror is above ground, use Link's sword to hack away at the enemy until it retreats back below the surface.

  5. Alternate using the shovel and sword

    Repeat the process of unburying Subterror and attacking it until the mini-boss is defeated.