How Do You Beat Level Two of "Ventures Arcade"?


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Floor 2 of the Venture arcade game must be completed by finishing four rooms, each with its own enemies, layout and strategy: the Spider Room, the Dragon Room, the Troll Room and the Two Headed Room. To complete any room, the player must capture the treasure held in the room and escape to the room's exit.

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In the Venture arcade game, the player must acquire treasure from each room, moving from room to room until all treasure is collected. The player dies if enemies contact him. The player can either avoid enemies or shoot them with a bow and arrow. The layouts of the Floor 2 rooms are much more challenging than the Floor 1 rooms. The player must navigate tight corridors without being bottle-necked by the enemies.

StrategyWiki.org provides a guide for completing all levels of the Venture arcade game. A detailed strategy and area breakdown is available for each of the 12 different rooms. The game is designed so that each floor repeats three times, cycling from Floor 1 to Floor 3. Once a room is cleared, the player must navigate to the next room through hallways, which are populated by invulnerable enemies that must be avoided. The difficulty of each floor increases as the player completes rooms.

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