How Do You Beat Level 82 on Pet Rescue Saga?


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Level 82 of the video game "Pet Rescue Saga" requires the player to rescue a total of five pets. The primary trick to beating the level is to only allow one pet to fall into a wooden crate.

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Since the player has only one rocket in this level, only one pet can be rescued from a wooden crate. The other four pets must be rescued without allowing them to become trapped in the process. To do this, the player should begin by focusing on the two pets that are directly underneath the lower ledges. These two pets are relatively easy to rescue, but the trick to the level is in rescuing the next three pets, who are in columns not protected by ledges.

The player needs to use the four brick ledges in this level advantageously. Releasing a pet underneath a brick ledge prevents it from reaching the top of the board and being captured in a wooden crate. However, this only works as long as there is not a wooden crate between the ledge and the pet. The player should focus on moving two pets over to columns that have brick ledges. Once this is done, those pets are safe, and the player is then free to expend her sole rocket to rescue the remaining pet if it is snagged by a wooden crate.

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