How Do You Beat Level 29 in Candy Crush?


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The overall goal of level 29 in Candy Crush is to clear all of the jellies in no more than 60 moves. Some suggestions for strategy are to begin clearing jellies at the bottom and in the corners, use special candy combos, and wisely deploy jelly fish.

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Since clearing the jelly is the only objective, the player should focus on making matches solely on top of the jelly. Clearing the jelly at the bottom and in the corners first makes things easier, but if none of those are currently accessible on a turn, it's okay to move on to the top of the board to try to make special candies that reach the bottom.

If the player is not yet familiar with making special candies, it is vital to learn how in order to complete this level. Combining the sprinkle, striped and wrapped candies in different combinations produces different results. For jelly levels, the ideal combinations are wrapped and striped, striped and sprinkle, or sprinkle and sprinkle. These combinations can clear much of the board in just one move.

When a jelly fish is activated, three new jelly fish spawn and eat one jelly each. This also counts as one match for double jelly squares.

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