How Do You Beat "Grow Nano Vol. 3"?

Grow Nano Volume 3 is a simple flash game from Eyezmaze. The game consists of six tiles and six rounds. In each round, the player clicks one of the tiles to provide healing to the central avatar. To win, all six tiles must be clicked in the proper order.

  1. Click the leaf tile

    The leaf represents medicine and turns into a healing bag which heals the game avatar for one health bar.

  2. Click the blanket tile

    The blanket wraps around the avatar and heals for one bar. The leaf levels up to powder and water and heals for one additional bar.

  3. Click the person tile

    Both the leaf and the blanket level up, healing for one bar each. The person provides one additional bar of healing using a magical sphere.

  4. Click the fire tile

    The fire provides warmth, which adds one healing bar. The person, leaf and blanket all level up, providing a total of three healing bars.

  5. Click the ice cube tile

    The fire, leaf, blanket and person all level up and provide a total of five healing bars.

  6. Click the food tile

    This is the final tile that causes all the other tiles to level up. The actions of the tiles completely fill up the avatar's healing bar, which wins the game.