What Do You Do When You Beat "End of the Line" in San Andreas?

After completing "End of the Line" in "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," players can complete side missions, such as purchasing safe houses and businesses, and finish various collectible quests. There are 18 total sets of side missions.

"Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" offers an abundance of side missions alongside the main storyline. As CJ, players can purchase houses on each island of the city. Some of these houses include Whitewood Estate, Rockshore West and Prickle Pine. Finishing "End of the Line" rewards players with $25,000, which can serve as a down payment on many properties.

Missions for collectibles include spraying 100 tags across Los Santos, taking 50 snapshots with the in-game camera and collecting 50 oysters.

Several businesses in Los Santos also offer side missions, such as the driving school, Ammu-Nation and the gym.