How Do You Beat Dr. Robotnik in "Sonic the Hedgehog 3"?


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In the final stage of "Sonic Adventure 3," Dr. Robotnik attacks Sonic with three machines. Each of Dr. Robotnik's machines needs to be hit as many as 12 times before it is destroyed. Like other boss battles in the game, this is done by jumping and hitting the machine with precise timing.

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  1. Destroy Dr. Robotnik’s metal ball machine

    Dr. Robotnik appears at the beginning of the Launch Base Zone in Act 2 and starts throwing metal balls at Sonic. Dodge the balls, and use Sonic's Shield Attack to hit the machine eight times. The machine falls into the water, and Dr. Robotnik appears with a second machine.

  2. Destroy Dr. Robotnik’s laser shooter machine

    The laser shooter machine fires at Sonic rapidly. When the machine dives in to attack Sonic, the player needs to jump and attack the lasers to destroy them. It takes eight hits to destroy all of the machine's lasers. Sonic needs to hit it one more time in order to make the cockpit explode.

  3. Destroy Dr. Robotnik’s spiked grabber machine

    After Dr. Robotnik retreats in his Laser Shooter Machine, Sonic is surrounded by darkness. When the screen opens up, Dr. Robotnik appears in the upper right. Stay in the center, and hit him 12 times as he swoops back and forth.

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