What Is the Battle of Ryu Vs Ken?


The battle between Ryu and Ken is a long-debated rivalry that has been discussed many times since Capcom's Street Fighter games were released, according to Arcade Sushi. Gamers often discuss who would win in a fight between these two fighters because their fighting style is almost identical. Both fighters studied the art of Ansatsuken.

Despite the move sets of Ryu and Ken being almost identical, both fighters have slightly different strengths and weaknesses. Ken is slightly faster than Ryu, but Ryu's attacks do more damage than Ken's.

According to Arcade Sushi, Ryu would be triumphant in a battle versus Ken. This is because Ken is a bit of a joker and never took his training as seriously as Ryu. Also, Ken has a wife and child that he has to think about, so he doesn't put his life on the line. Ryu's biggest weakness also happens to be the reason why he trained so hard, and that is because of the darkness that lies within him. This darkness is referred to as “satsui no hado.” This forces Ryu to practice self-control at all times. Otherwise, he uses his powers for evil. Tapping into this darkness, however, can boost his power.