How do you battle, catch and train Pok��mon?


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In the Pok��mon video games, you are given a starter Pok��mon at the beginning who can then battle wild Pok��mon. You can catch Pok��mon by battling them until they are weak and then throwing a Pok�� Ball at them. Once the Pok��mon is captured in the Pok�� Ball, you can train it by battling other Pok��mon and Pok��mon trainers to increase its skills and abilities.

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Individual Pok��mon have a catch rate that applies to all members of its species. When a Pok�� Ball is thrown at a wild Pok��mon, the game uses that Pok��mon's catch rate to determine the probability of catching the Pok��mon. To increase your chances of catching a wild Pok��mon, you should reduce its health, inflict status ailments and use Pok�� Balls effective to the type of Pok��mon you're trying to catch.

Once you have the Pok��mon, you can use it to battle other wild Pok��mon and Pok��mon trainers. This increases its level and allows it to learn new attacks and skills. When your Pok��mon reaches a high enough level, it evolves into a new form, though some Pok��mon do not evolve. You can continue to train your Pok��mon and capture wild Pok��mon until you have caught them all or until you are satisfied with your line up.

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