What Is a Battle Between Frieza Vs. Mewtwo?


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Frieza vs. Mewtwo is a fan-made battle or rivalry between the character Frieza from "Dragon Ball Z" and the Pokémon Mewtwo due to their similar appearance and strength in their respective universes. Both anime characters are hairless with gray-purple skin.

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In the "Dragon Ball Z" anime, Frieza is a ruthless galactic emperor who becomes one of the main villains. He relishes destruction and evil and is known throughout the galaxy for his brutality. A key player of the Planet Trade Organization of which the Saiyan race was a part, Frieza planned to wipe out the Saiyans when he feared their power could one day rival his own. His physical appearance is dominated by his light purple skin color with dark purple features and a long, tapering tail. He is able to transform into several variations, each with a unique physical appearance.

Mewtwo is a first-generation legendary Pokémon that appears in both the games and the anime. Known for his humanlike intelligence and psychic abilities, Mewtwo is a powerful Pokémon created in an attempt to clone the legendary Pokémon Mew. He has the ability to speak to other characters telepathically, and in the first "Pokémon" movie, he is shown to have cloned other Pokémon. Mewtwo walks upright and has a lizard-like appearance along with a small snout and long tail.

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