What Are Some Free Batman Games for Kids?


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Some free online Batman games for kids include "Batman: Dynamic Double Team," "Batman Gotham City Rush," "Batman The Rooftop Caper" and "Batman Gotham Dark Knight." Additional games are available at HeroesArcade.com and CartoonNetwork.com.

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In "Dynamic Double Team," the player is tasked with battling space pirates to liberate a planet. The gameplay consists of maneuvering Batman through two-dimensional stages and dispatching attackers with an assortment of martial arts techniques, inputted via keyboard presses. The game rewards the player for chaining together attacks, resulting in a higher score and an increase of dropped rewards from enemies. Batman can collect scarabs from fallen enemies, which build up the Beetle Meter. With a full Beetle Meter, the player can call in the Blue Beetle for brief combat assistance.

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