What Are Some Batman Games for Kids?


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Some fun Batman games for kids include HeroArcade.com’s “Batman Gotham City Rush” and “Batman Batarang Challenge.” BatmanGamesOnly.com offers “Batman Vs. Zombies” and “The Umbrella Attack,” both of which are suitable for kids.

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What Are Some Batman Games for Kids?
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In “Batman Gotham City Rush,” players navigate the streets of Gotham as Batman, fighting crime while dodging traps and steering clear of accidents. In “Batman Batarang Challenge,” players whack villains who pop out whack-a-mole style. Players in “Batman vs. Zombies” drive the batmobile on a track while smashing zombies. In “The Umbrella Attack,” Batman faces down arch-enemy, Penguin. Players use the arrow keys to jump between stairs and balconies and avoid the Penguin’s army of henchmen.

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