What Are the Basics of Playing Cribbage?


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Cribbage is a strategy game in which players try to score points by making card combinations. It requires a Cribbage board or a pencil and paper, and a 52-card deck.

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What Are the Basics of Playing Cribbage?
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At the start of the game players are dealt six cards, of which they keep four. The others are discarded to the "crib," to be used later in the game.

Players try to reach 121 points by laying down cards in turn. They must try to make certain combinations of cards to score bonus points. For example, adding a card of the same rank as the card just played scores two points, according to Bicycle Cards. After hands have been played, the dealer exposes the crib to play the cards there, meaning that part of the game's strategy is deciding which cards to discard to the crib at the start.

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