What Are the Basic Tricks That Every Magician Should Know?


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For every practicing magician, there is bound to be a different list of important tricks or skills that should be mastered, and some popular choices include Three Card Monte, sawing a lady in half and the levitating ring. More complicated tricks that have dazzled crowds for years include the double bullet catch, metamorphosis, Russian roulette, zig-zag girl and death saw.

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What Are the Basic Tricks That Every Magician Should Know?
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In Three Card Monte, three cards are displayed to the spectator, who is asked to memorize them. When the middle card is revealed for the second time, it is a different card. To do this, a magician needs three cards that are similar in appearance and one that is contrasting. The corner of the card displayed in the middle, which is one of the alike cards, is cut.

Using clear adhesive tape, the magician should affix the corner of the cut card to another one. Placing the corner of the contrasting card under the corner that's taped onto the first card, the magician covers the last card so it is not visible. The next steps include fanning the cards, showing them to the viewer, removing the middle card for the audience to see and then displaying that it is changed.

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