What Is the Basic Strategy of the Online Game Super Smash Flash 2?


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The basic strategy of the online game "Super Smash Flash 2" is to block or avoid an opponent's attacks until it is possible to launch attacks and lower her defenses. Once a character incurs enough damage, it is possible perform a Smash Attack and launch it off the screen.

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"Super Smash Flash 2" is a fan-made fighting game that uses the basic format and concept behind the Nintendo series "Super Smash Bros," incorporating new fighters from different intellectual properties such Goku from the anime "Dragon Ball Z" or Sora from the Square Enix game "Kingdom Hearts." The basic method of gameplay includes blocking and attacking through the use of different keyboard keys. Players are able to take different approaches to defeating each opponent according to individual preferences regarding offensive or defensive strategies.

In an offensive strategy, the player aggressively launches different attacks at the opponent to inflict damage quickly without allowing for any counterattacks. In a defensive strategy, the player guards and dodges attacks, only launching her own attacks when the opponent is defenseless. Contrary to other fighting games, which include a set health meter for each character, this game features a damage counter that lowers the player's attack power and defense over time. Once a player has low defenses, it is possible to send her flying out of the play area and defeat her.

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