What Are Basic Slipknot Tying Instructions?

What Are Basic Slipknot Tying Instructions?

A slip knot is often used in rock climbing. To tie a slip knot, you need a rope that is at least 12 inches long and to practice the specific movements required. These include the right way to create a loop and the tuck required to get the slip knot to work effectively./

  1. Hold the rope with two hands

    Hold one section of the rope in each hand, leaving about 12 inches between your hands. There should be some room between your hand and the end of the rope, and the knuckles should face upwards.

  2. Form a loop

    Form a loop by bringing the end in your right hand underneath the end in your left hand. The ropes should cross and create a loop.

  3. Secure and fold the loop

    Place your left thumb and index finger where the ropes cross at the bottom of the loop. While you are holding it securely, reach your right hand through the loop and grab the rope on the left side. Pull your right hand back through the loop, bringing the left side of the rope with it. Remove your left thumb and your index finger from the cross of the loop and grab the two hanging ends of the rope. To finish your slip knot, pull your hands away from each other while twisting your right hand clockwise. This tightens and secures the knot.