What Are the Basic Rules of Rummikub?


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Rummikub is played similarly to Rummy, except that all tiles can be rearranged once they have been placed into game play by other players. Sets must be of three different colored numbers and runs must be of three in a sequence of the same color.

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What Are the Basic Rules of Rummikub?
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There are four different groups of colors in Rummikub: red, yellow, blue and black. The game also has two jokers that can be substituted for any tile on the board. Each player draws 12 tiles and must be able to place an initial 30 points to be able to play. Once a player does this, he can rearrange any other tiles facing up on the board to suit his needs.

A joker can be taken from any of the other groups once it has been replaced. For example, two 13s and a joker can be made into three 13s so the joker can be used in a run for which the player is needing a number. The goal of the game is to get rid of all of tiles before everyone else. The main catch to rearranging the tiles is that all tiles in play must be placed in appropriate runs and sets before a turn ends or that player automatically lose the game.

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