What Are the Basic Rules of Pocket Farkel?

Pocket Farkel is played by rolling six dice and making various number combination in order to score points. The player that reaches a predetermined number of points first wins the game.

To begin a turn in Pocket Farkel, a player rolls all six dice onto a table. The player then removes and sets aside any scoring dice. A score chart is provided on the inside of the box.

If playing a non-commercial version, a single one or five is worth 50 and 100 points. Three of a kind for numbers two through six are worth the number multiplied by 100. A triplet of ones is worth 300 points. Four, five or six of a kind are worth 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 points, respectively. A four die straight or three pairs are worth 1,500 points each, and two triplets is worth 2,500 points.

The player rolls any remaining dice to score more points and repeats the removal of scoring dice. If there are no scoring dice, the turn ends and the player "farkels," losing all accrued points from that round. If the player successfully scores with all six dice, the points are added to the player's total score, and the dice go to the next player.