What Are the Basic Rules of the "Electric Man 2" Game?


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The basic rules and goal of the game "Electric Man 2" involve defeating waves of enemies within a combat arena to become the greatest fighter in the Tournament of Voltagen. The player controls a stick figure fighter by using the keyboard to throw punches, kicks and special attacks.

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Most of the game play in the game "Electric Man 2" involves two-dimensional combat. The player character must fight any number of computer-controlled opponents. The basic controls consist of pressing the A key to throw a punch, the S key to use kick moves and the D to initiate a grab. Players can also access special slow motion versions of the basic moves using the Q, W and E keys. The slow motion keys correspond to the attacks of the corresponding key directly beneath them. The player also uses the arrow keys to move the character around the arena.

At the start of the game, the player chooses a stick figure avatar and creates a custom name of up to eight characters. To defeat an opponent, the player needs to drain his health bar by successfully implementing the various attacks. Every time the player uses a slow motion attack, it drains the battery bar. This adds an additional level of strategy to each fight.

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