What Are the Basic Rules for Chickenfoot Dominoes?

Chickenfoot Dominoes is a variation of dominoes that has seven rounds. Each player starts with a hand of five randomly selected dominoes, the goal being to play as many of the dominoes as possible and thereby achieve the lowest score.

The selection process begins by placing all of the dominoes face down on the playing surface, called the bone yard. Each player selects five dominoes from the bone yard to make up a hand. The player with the double-six domino takes the first turn; if no player has the double-six, the player with the next-highest double domino plays first. After the first turn, the rotation continues to the left with the next player playing any domino with a number matching that of the first-played domino. If the player does not have a domino with a matching number, he instead draws another domino from the bone yard; if the number matches, the player must play it. If the number does not match, the player must call "pass."

A Chickenfoot occurs when a player plays a double domino against an exposed domino of the same number and calls "Chickie" and then the number. The rotation continues with players taking turns playing dominoes that match the number of the previously played double, with two of the tiles connecting from a 45-degree angle and the middle tile being placed perpendicular to the double tile. If a player does not have a domino with a matching number, he must draw from the bone yard and then play the domino if it matches or call "pass" if it does not. After the three points of the Chickenfoot are complete, regular play can resume with players matching dominoes in their hands to any exposed dominoes.