What Are the Basic Plastic Canvas Pattern Stitches?


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Basic plastic canvas pattern stitches include the continental or tent stitch, the backstitch, the cross stitch, the overcast stitch and the whipstitch. Additional stitches that appear in basic to intermediate patterns are the fly stitch, the lark's head knot, the long stitch, the scotch stitch and the French knot.

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The primary stitch used in most pieces is the continental stitch, which is a simple diagonal stitch moving up from left to right. Backstitches often create linework for lettering or shapes, and the crafter stitches them directly over an established background pattern. The main use for whipstitching is joining pieces together, and overcast stitches create borders. Working several stitches over new yarn in the back holds it in place. When separating yarn to change colors or at the conclusion of the project, weaving loose ends through the strands at the back of the piece anchors them in place.

Crafters use plastic mesh canvas pieces and yarn, either two-ply or four-ply, to create plastic canvas stitching. They also use embroidery floss for some stitches, especially the backstitch. Similar to cross-stitch, stitches must appear in a specific order to maintain evenness. Crafters use plastic canvas to make decorative pieces, such as tissue box covers or accents for bookstands.

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