What Are the Basic Glass Painting Supplies You Need to Start Crafting?

What Are the Basic Glass Painting Supplies You Need to Start Crafting?

To paint glass, the basic supplies are a glass object, enamel paint, brushes, foam plate and brush basin. Cleaning supplies are necessary as well: paper towels, dish soap, and rubbing alcohol or white vinegar. Painters need cleaning supplies to remove dirt, dust and grease from their glass objects. First, painters wash objects with soap and let them air dry. Then they use paper towels dampened with alcohol or vinegar to wipe off soap film. The objects air dry again.

Many types of glass objects are suitable for craft projects, including glasses, vases, coasters, plates and bowls.

Some companies make water-based enamel paints designed for glass. They clean up easily during the project. After the object cures, it is safe to put these projects on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Brushes have soft bristles that are flat, rounded or angled. They come in a variety of widths.

The foam plate serves as a palette to hold a variety of paint colors. The brush basin is a container that stores brushes when not in use.

Other common materials for glass painting include stencils, tracing paper and patterns, and daubers. Crafters use stencils to outline designs. Stencils for glass are flexible and stick to its surface. Sometimes tracing paper and patterns take the place of stencils. A dauber is tool that allows the crafter to press paint on in a circular design.