What Are Some Basic Crafting Ingredients in "Minecraft"?

What Are Some Basic Crafting Ingredients in "Minecraft"?

Wood, cobblestone, coal, iron and wheat are all basic crafting ingredients for the game "Minecraft." These ingredients are used to make simple tools, food and crafting aids, such as furnaces and crafting tables.

Wood is one of the most basic ingredients in "Minecraft." It is obtained from trees and can be crafted into wood planks in your inventory. Four wood planks arranged into a square create a crafting table, which unlocks the ability to create many more recipes. Wood is also used to make sticks for tools, chests, boats and doors.

Cobblestone is gathered by mining stone with any pickaxe. To make a furnace, place eight cobblestones into a crafting table with the middle square empty. Stone tools and weapons are created using cobblestones and sticks, and are stronger than basic wooden tools.

Coal can be bought or mined with a pickaxe, and is an important fuel source for furnaces. A torch is created by combining coal and sticks, providing needed light for mining and homes. To create iron ingots, smelt iron ore in a furnace. Iron ingots are used to create armor, tools, compasses, mine carts and rails.

Wheat can be bought or harvested from farmland. Three bundles of wheat are used to create bread, which you consume to refill your hunger bar. As it is possible to die from hunger in "Minecraft," obtaining food, such as wheat, quickly is important.