What Are Some Barbie Horse Riding Games?


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Some free online Flash Barbie horse riding games include "Barbie Horse Ride," "Barbie Goes Horse Riding" and "Barbie Horse Adventure." Some home console Barbie horse riding games include the PlayStation game "Barbie: Race & Ride" and the Nintendo DS game "Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp."

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To play "Barbie Horse Ride" on GoldHairGames.com, users need to first choose a level from the available list. At the start, users are only able to access one level, with more opening up by playing the game. Once the player chooses a level, the up arrow key moves Barbie and her horse forward, and the down arrow key moves them backwards. Each level involves collecting a series of hearts and reaching a set end point. The game "Barbie Goes Horse Riding" involves choosing different outfits for Barbie to wear on a horse ride.

The PlayStation game "Barbie: Race & Ride" allows players to perform a variety of activities that relate to horse riding, such as grooming the horse or exploring a game world on it, in addition to playing different minigames that test memory and logic skills. Similarly, "Barbie Horse Adventure: Riding Camp" also includes different grooming and riding activities as well as other tasks, such as participating in a nature walk.

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