What Barbie Games Are Available to Play Online?

What Barbie Games Are Available to Play Online?

Barbie.com offers a wide array of online games, including "Barbie Comic Maker," "Fashion Design Maker," "Fairy Race" and "My Dreamhouse." This variety allows a user to create her own stories, fashion her own looks, experience various adventures and even create her own Barbie Dreamhouse.

"Barbie Comic Maker" is a game that enables users to utilize Barbie superheroes in order to create their own comic strip adventures. Gamers can customize avatars, choose from a selection of adventure scenes, insert a cast of characters, and create their own printable storylines. An additional perk is that a user can print her Barbie comic adventures as a keepsake.

"Fashion Design Maker" is an online outlet that enables users to tailor fashionable designs and looks for Barbie and her friends. With countless accessories, styles, make-up and hair, this game possesses endless possibilities for budding fashionistas.

Gamers can enjoy a variety of adventures, including "Fairy Race," a game in which the player flies Fairy Barbie through a race to collect cupcakes and other various items in an attempt to save the day while avoiding tornadoes and other obstacles.

"My Dreamhouse" is an online game that allows the user to design her very own Barbie Dreamhouse. Gamers can choose from a large selection of wallpaper, a myriad of decorations and a sizeable collection of furniture to place in the mansion. Upon decorating the dreamhouse, Barbie and her friends may be placed in the various rooms to create a variety of scenes and storylines. Numerous other games are also available on Barbie.com.