What Are Some Barbie Dreamhouse Games for Kids?

What Are Some Barbie Dreamhouse Games for Kids?

“My Dreamhouse,” “Dreamhouse Puzzle Party” and “Video Mixer” are online Barbie Dreamhouse games for kids. The video game "Barbie Dreamhouse Party-Nintendo Wii" is also ideal for children.

“My Dreamhouse” features pre-built houses and backdrops. Players click to select a house and decorate rooms by dragging over furniture, accessories and wallpaper. The game offers options of backdrops and saves the decorated rooms for redesigning. Players can view the house after completing the task.

“Dreamhouse Puzzle Party” involves solving five puzzles based on Barbie and friends characters. Players click to select a preferred level and drag pieces over to complete the pictures and score points. Players earn bonus points by beating the clock and also receive rewards after solving five puzzles.

“Video Mixer” involves clicking clips to create a video mix. Players choose between the quick or director mode. The quick mode allows players to choose music and videos while the director mode offers more options such as transitions and sound effects. Players click clips to add to the timeline, then they change the backdrop and finally play the video mix.

"Dreamhouse Party-Nintendo Wii" allows up to four players and includes Barbie and friends characters exploring the Dreamhouse and playing mini-games that involve cooking, grooming and gardening.