What Are "Balderdash" Words?


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Some words used in the board game Balderdash include bodach, ingler, jubate, assumpsit, whampee, apterium, agunah, bouge, waddy, angakok, craquelure, xystus and orlop. The game Balderdash gives players an obscure word and asks them to formulate a definition. Players then vote on the definition that each finds most plausible.

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Part of the fun of Bladerdash is finding equally obscure definition for the words given. For example, another word included in game is dragees, which is defined as a baby dragon. Haptodysphoria, refers to the state of a person saddened by a clown. The game defines the word malakoff as a yak repellent from Tibet. The word scrogglings is from the Scottish dialect and describes a young flecked squirrel. Each of these words seems nearly impossible to define let alone find the correct definitions as decided by the board game. The game is initially designed to expand one's vocabulary and imagination at the same time.

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