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Bakugan games are a series of anime style browser-based games featuring characters from a cartoon series of the same name. The games are hosted on a number of different websites including Bakugan.com, CartoonNetwork.co.uk, GameGape.com and ToonGames.org.

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Bakugan.com has three games titled Puzzle Brawler, Concentration and Battle Launcher. Puzzle Brawler involves rows of Bakugan balls being stacked while the player attempts to eliminate matching balls before the stack reaches the top. Concentration is a simple memory game that requires the player to flip over two face down cards to try and get a match. The player wins the game when he has matched every card. Battle Launcher is similar to Puzzle Brawler in that it requires the player to match Bakugan balls by destroying them with a Bakugan ball launcher.

CartoonNetwork.co.uk has one Bakugan game called Final Brawl. The game is also on GameGape.com and ToonGames.org. The game is a simple battle game involving the player battling various Bakugan creatures with his own creature. GameGape.com features several fighting style Bakugan games. ToonGames.org offers a mixture of puzzle style games, fighting style games and even eccentric style games using Bakugan themes. An example of an eccentric title is Bakugan Dan on Tractor that requires the player to tend to his farm while riding a tractor.

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