What Are Some Badass Gamertags for the Xbox?

Bad-ass gamer tags for Xbox Live should include a self-titling prefix and an elaborate, explanatory suffix designed to strike fear into the heart of opponents. Good examples of bad-ass gamer tags include "LittleMissRuthless," "BigManiac" and "PoisedPanther." Each word should give opponents an idea of the player's gaming style and make them fearful of their tactics. The use of alliteration and puns can create an exceptionally bad-ass gamer tag.

The gamer tag should explain gaming style to opponents. If the player has a sporadic and unpredictable type of play, then using words like "maniac" or "crazy" are a good idea. If the player mainly plays shooting games, the gamer tag should be apt for this type of play. "SinicalSniper" and "HipFiringHooligan" are good examples of this. If the player mainly plays racing games, then good gamer tags would be things like "DustFeeder" and "LightspeedLarry."

There are thousands of gamer tags already registered with Microsoft. If the selected choice is already taken, then the player can input numbers on the end; for example, "SinicalSniper" may be taken, but "SinicalSniper1337" may not be. The number "1337" represents an elite in gamer terms. An elite is a veteran at the game, someone who is on the opposite end of the spectrum to a rookie. Many experienced players use "1337" in their gamer tag to let opponents know that they aren't rookies.